How BRAG works

International and Domestic Dogs

We partner with domestic shelters who struggle with space for their dogs as well as international rescues who are working to improve the outcome of street dogs in their native county. These rescues pick out critical dogs who cannot be adopted locally due to a variety of reasons.

Often these dogs fit at least one of the following criteria:

  • arctic breeds who would otherwise die from heat exhaustion and dehydration in the extreme heat of their native county.
  • dogs that were clearly once pets that have been abandoned by their humans and don’t know how or physically cannot survive as a street dog.
  • village dogs (un-owned dogs born on the street) who have been injured and will not survive without human intervention.

Many of the dogs they rescue have substantial injuries – it is not unusual for international dogs to have been poisoned, shot or hit by a car. All of these partners strive to obtain the best possible care available for their dogs prior to their US arrival.

Adoption Requirements

We do not have a fence requirement; adoptions are based on a case by case basis taking in the needs of the family and the dogs.

Our standard adoption fee is $350 (+ tax for MN residents). We may occasionally list bonded pairs or elderly dogs at a reduced rate.

BarkinQ Rescue is based out of Minnesota; however we are able to place dogs throughout much of the United States. We adopt to the following states:

What BRAG dogs come with

All BRAG dogs arrive to their forever home:

  • spayed or neutered. Please note that we do not spay or neuter before 6 months of age. We encourage adopters interested in our young dogs to foster their desired pup until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered.
  • A passport and import paperwork with all their vetting and immunizations (for international dogs) or rabies tags and paperwork for domestic dogs. Please note that many international vets do not issue a rabies tag.
  • Microchipped, registerable under the adopter’s name at
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