BRAG Adoption Application

We are thrilled you are looking to adopt a canine companion from us. We request that you read this information BEFORE completing this application.

This application is the initial step in the adoption process and does not guarantee that an adoption will occur. Please note that in the event that there are two equally wonderful applications for one dog, we will adopt in the order that we received the applications.

Our adoption fee is $350 (plus tax for MN residents).

All members of your house must speak with us, over the phone, Skype, or Facetime before your application will be approved.

Unless you plan to be the sole guardian, the co-applicant’s contact information and past pet experience must be listed on this application. All other questions must be answered jointly.

BarkinQ Rescue Across the Globe reserves the right to refuse placement of any animal for any reason.

If you have further questions about the adoption process or our dogs, please check out our page How BRAG works.

Adoption Application

The following application is required in order to adopt from BarkinQ Rescue Across the Globe.

Household Information

Co-Applicant Information

Household Information
Applicant and Co-applicant Current/Past Pet Experience
What are you looking for in a dog?
Providing for the new dog

Please provide contact information for three personal references, including name, phone number and email addresses. Unresponsive references delay the application process, so please be sure to notify them. Applications missing the references’ emails will be automatically denied.

Terms and Conditions
  • I understand that as a requirement to adopt, I must keep my dog on heartworm preventative at all times, as well as flea and tick preventative.
  • I understand the cost, time and physical demands that come with pet ownership.
  • I am willing to allow a representative of BarkinQ Rescue Across the Globe to conduct a home visit.
  • I attest that the information submitted on this form is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
  • I am 18 year or older and legally allowed to adopt a pet.
  • If at any point I can no longer care for my dog, I understand that the dog must be returned to BRAG.

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