Saving Dogs & Enriching Lives

BarkinQ Rescue Across the Globe (BRAG) is a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and providing the life we think all animals deserve, wherever they are located. We proudly take both local and international dogs and place them across the US.

COVID-19 : International travel restrictions are just starting to loosen. We are experiencing longer than normal wait times for our overseas dogs.

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About Our Dogs

Here at BRAG, we believe every dog deserves a loving home. We do not make adopters pay a different fee based on purebred and mixed. Our dogs come from diverse background of neglect, abuse or abandonment. Sometimes, we find them wandering in the desert of Qatar or scavenging through trash in Morocco. Many of our dogs are pulled from US-based shelters. Our dogs come in all shapes and sizes: from teeny tiny chihuahuas to Alaskan malamutes. Many of our dogs are considered rare in the US, such as Salukis, Azawakhs, and Beldis. Click Here to learn more about How BRAG works.